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A Delightfully Healthy Comic Book...

Is an entertaining yet substantive way for children ages 6-11 with parents & caregivers and girls ages 9-14 to promote general health, overall fitness and positive self-esteem. It also introduces young people to where food comes from and the food system’s contribution (or detriment) to well-being.


My path to developing and writing NUTRIGIRL Vol 1 began as a child faced with
a difficult home situation related to diet and body image. I struggled with weight
and self-esteem as a young adult too. Years selling advertisements for children’s
television programming gave me an insider’s perspective on the influence of
multinational food corporations.These businesses peddle unhealthy food to kids who lack knowledge about nutrition and portion control. My transition to health sciences began with a certification course at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. The NUTRIGIRL character was born out of an illustration class and the book took form in Graduate School at NYU.

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